Grow your business with email marketing that ‘clicks’

Generate Leads and Business from Your Contacts

Imagine you had a simple and easy way to uncover and harvest new business opportunities from your best prospects—your current contacts. That you could position your company as the expert in your field and build strong relationships…and that it took almost no time from you.

With IMN|Unlocked you can do all that and more!

  • Get more meetings
  • Reach out to more contacts
  • Uncover more opportunities

Based on the same proven principles as IMN’s other successful content-driven email marketing solutions, IMN|Unlocked will drive new business opportunities while positioning your company as an expert and thought leader.

A Professional Publication You Don’t Need to Write

IMN|Unlocked is a complete, cost-effective lead generation solution that distributes a professional publication on your behalf each month with fresh content to engage your IT buyers. Results come to you automatically in a Sales Leads report.

IMN acquires articles from thought leaders your contacts want to hear from—analysts and bloggers who follow technology currents, identify trends and share their unique perspective.

Reports that Focus Your Sales Efforts

Each month IMN provides Sales Leads reports that help focus your sales efforts and build your pipeline. Reports tell you who has requested a meeting and what your contacts are reading.

It’s Easy to Get Started

After setup, your program runs on its own automatically each month.

  1. Sign up and choose one or more versions that best match your market: Network Security Unlocked or Virtualization Unlocked.
  2. Supply your logo, a personal message with your contact information and your contact list and you’re done!
  3. IMN creates a co-branded publication that incorporates a strong call to action: (“Request a Meeting” button), encouraging interested recipients to contact you.
  4. You receive sales leads promptly, so you can prioritize and follow up.

What You Can Expect – Results!

Here are only a few examples of what other technology VARs have experienced:

  • A single sale that paid for the program many times over
  • An old, cold lead that turned into a $100,000 deal
  • Response rates that went from 5% to 30%
  • A competitor who called to compliment the company on its professional publication

In a recent IMN survey of VARs, 33% of respondents were able to close an average deal of over $20,000 within the first six months of using our solution.

A Proven, Cost-Effective Solution for VARs

  • Deliver a valuable publication that engages your audience
  • Nurture relationships with all your contacts
  • Uncover and harvest significant new business opportunities
  • Focus your sales efforts with Sales Leads reports
  • Build pipeline and revenue
  • Position your company as an expert and thought leader